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School Town of Munster: Support the proposed School Tax Referendum

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The School Town of Munster has cut $5.3 million during the last three years. It will face a $3.8 million deficit in the 2013-14 school year. If a referendum is not passed, cuts for the 2013-2014 school year could include a reduction of 20 teachers, cutting educational programs (art, music, gym), reducing custodial services by 30 percent, eliminating some health insurance benefits and reducing transportation costs. 


The schools in Munster, IN are the backbone of our community. Munster is currently in the top 5% of districts in the State of Indiana, however we are in the bottom 3% of districts in terms of funding from the State of Indiana. Without the referendum, class sizes will rise to nearly 40 students/teacher. With rising class sizes, academic performance will decline. With declining schools, property values will plummet. Once the cuts to teachers, staff and programming have been made, the beginning of the end has begun. We cannot afford to wait any longer. 


Please sign the petition below to urge the School Town of Munster Board of Trustees to protect the reputation of excellence in our schools that has attracted so many to our community. We must do this to save our children, teachers, and community from certain disaster.

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