Take Accountability MSU

Take Accountability MSU

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Laura White Brown, Mayor of Morehead, Kentucky has recently received backlash from SFC has made “vulgar Comments” against Laura White Brown about 10-12 days ago. He threatened to violently sexually assault Mayor Laura White Brown, “while forcing her husband to watch”, this was told to six of mayor White Brown employees during lunchtime while at a public restaurant. Mayor White Brown has had police escort anywhere she goes since the incident happened, the county attorney, city attorney, chief of police all are aware of the knowledge, and Dr. Morgan of Morehead State University and Superintendent Maxey (of Rowan County) both know but they say they do not believe this is enough evidence to fire him.

Back in 2017, Betsy DeVos who was reigned during the Trump Administration and in charge of the Education Department rescinded law in which colleges and universities should respond to sexual violence, giving schools the ultimate decision to use a higher standard of evidence in judging cases which caused a shift on the federal stance on a campus Issue, and the Biden Administration has plans to fix this regulation and policy, we have yet to see any course of action done.

When will schools take accountability?

This man threatened to sexually abuse the MAYOR, while her husband would be forced to watch.

If the mayor is just one woman who does not earn his respect, what values is this man instilling in the young men that he is allowed to be in charge of? What kind of future values will the young men take away?

Why do we as woman have to demand and dare to have the audacity for equality, equity and just basic human respect?

Keep in mind that Rowan County when faced with sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual misconduct cases gets determined by the highest degree of evidence, meaning that unfortunately this man will get away with sexually threatening the Mayor of Rowan County.

The 97% of women facing sexual abuse is slowly turning into ALL women who are facing sexual harassment, sexual threats, and sexual abuse, what more is it going to take for schools to start taking accountability? When it involves them personally? When its their own daughter? Their wife? Their sister?

This behavior is disgusting, if those involved in the law are all aware of the knowledge and refuse to take accountability for this man and his behavior, what hope does that give us?

The impression as a young woman about hearing this, and then hearing that the school who employees this man refuses to take accountability is just as bad as saying “not all men”. When has treating and given women the bare minimum of ensuring their safety and just respect become a debate? How many more women who face this behavior are taken seriously?

Not even the fact that this is the second sexual misconduct to happen within a week within Morehead State with their faculty, which is another issue as a whole.

It seems that the law is only focused on giving protection to men leading to the increase of women facing sexual harassment. What good is advocating for change when nobody wants to demand there be accountability?

If you as a MAN decide that the only women worth giving respect to you is related to you, or someone you are romantically involved with or wish to be romantically involved in, YOU are the problem.

If you as a MAN cannot tell other men their behavior like this is wrong, you ARE the problem.

If you as a MAN cannot stand with women in their fight of having just the basic human right of respect, you ARE the problem.

If you as a MAN, decide this is not your fight, you ARE the problem.

The school who refuses to at least acknowledge that this is happening in fear of receiving backlash, losing sponsors, losing money, you might as well be saying, “We don’t want to ruin this man’s life” and my favorite one of “Not all men”.

You are just protecting men rather than protecting women.

While it may not be “Not all men” it is ENOUGH of women who are being victims.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
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