Help Our Children Get Back In The Classroom

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School closures have clear negative impacts on child health, education and development, family income and the overall economy.

The decision to reopen schools should include consideration of the following benefits:

• Allowing students to complete their studies and continue to the next level
• Essential services, access to nutrition, child welfare, such as preventing violence against children
• Social and psychological well-being
• Access to reliable information on how to keep themselves and others safe
• Reducing the risk of non-return to school
• Benefit to society, such as allowing parents to work

We believe it should be a parents choice to send their child to school 5 days a week not the DOH. There is no data to suggest students can spread Covid-19. We have had a year to get this resolved and while we lay in limbo private schools and other school districts all over NY are open 5 days. Many of these schools have less funding than our school district. Also the federal government has handed out billions of dollars that our school can utilize for HEPA filters, PPE, plexi-glass desk surroundings, and signage. Allow our children back to school and receive the education that they deserve and we are paying for.