School Safety

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 So many children go to school everyday in fear that they may not go home that evening. This is not something that kids trying to get an education should be scared of, this is a petition to help our schools become a safer area for kids. This will start in Adams 12 in Colorado then grow to other states. As a student in Adams 12, I find this is a huge problem because if kids are scared to go to school they will be more likely to ditch or be homeschooled. If this occurs it could hurt our economy because people are getting less of an education which will lead to students growing up and not making enough money to support themselves and their families. With any funding money that they can get, the schools may buy a new security system, better locks on doors, and will be designed to have a more successful safety drill. This could prevent hundreds of lives being lost in school attacks every year. In 2016 there were 48 school attacks and in 2017 there were an outstanding 64 school attacks across the United States. The amount of school attacks and lives lost could be prevented with more funding to schools.


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