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Repeal the Vote of Universal Companies and implement the Teachers Proposal

It is known that Universal Companies has not proven that they have improved the education of the schools they currently run in Philadelphia. The current staff of teachers in Creighton Elementary have set a proposal in allowing them to run the school more efficiently, by doing things in class that they know work. The proposal that the teachers want to implement, is being used in cities all across the country, "We know our kids" as stated by one of the teachers. Please help support us by signing this petition.

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  • School Reform Commssion member
    Lorene Cary
  • School Reform Commssion Chairman
    School Reform Commission of Philadelphia
  • Mayor of Philadelphia
    Mayor Michael Nutter
  • Office of Inspector General
    Office of Inspector General
  • Office of Inspector General
    John F. Downs
  • Schhol District of Philadelphia
    Thomas Darden
  • School District of Philadelphia
    N. Charles
  • School Reform Commission member
    Penny Nixon
  • School Reform Commission member
    Joseph A. Dworetzky
  • School Reform Commission member
    Wendell Pritchett
  • School Reform Commission member
    Feather Houston

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