Become Aware Of The Issues Surrounding Ocean Conservation

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In my opinion I believe that Ocean Conservation is an immensely high-ranking focal point in the world right now. I am focusing on this problem because I consider the protection and preservation of the ocean to be important since our oceans are losing species and habitats due to the changes in the functions of their ecosystems. These changes in the ecosystem have been proven to be the fault of humans from overfishing, ocean acidification, ocean dead zones caused by global warming, mercury pollution and plastic pollution. Ocean Conservation is significant to me since the ocean is one of the biggest ecosystems, is the planets life support system and the ocean generates more than half of the oxygen we breathe. This issue resonates with me because the lack of care for the ocean and the amount of pollution in it, not only affects us but affects the organisms living within the ocean. Without a healthy ocean it will become significantly harder for all species to survive and prosper in the world. I conclude that something can be done and that as a community we can be the change we want to see. For example, reducing energy consumption, using fewer plastic products, buying fewer items that exploit marine life and educating yourself about the ocean and the organisms living within it. 

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You can help our ocean by using reusable plastic products, properly disposing of hazardous materials, buying ocean-friendly products and sharing with a friend!