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Stay In-tuned With School

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My petition will explain a different way that teachers can teach their students. Some kids might miss school because they got in trouble, they might be sick, or there might be something going on at home, etc. Those are some of the reasons that might affect them from coming to school to learn what everyone else is learning. Then when they come back they are behind which means that they have to catch up by asking someone to use their notes so that they can copy. However, some kids don’t learn just by copying off of someone else paper. Every kid deserves  to participate in school no matter where they are.

I think we should use a website where, those students, who cannot come to school can still follow along with the other students. Now if they don’t sign-in onto the program then that’s on them, because they had the opportunity to learn what everyone else is learning and you can't force someone to do something that they don't want to do.

There is a website called  Zoom, and that is where students go and ask teachers for help/questions while video chatting. All the teachers have to do is click on everyone that’s in that class period and go from there. It also works the other way around, the teachers can record the lesson that they were going to teach and students could watch the video and do the work. It doesn’t cost anything but their time and all they need is Wi-Fi.

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