Bring more emphasis to Narrative Production. This program isn't worth our money right now.

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We are upset because we feel like there is no route or option for people who want to go into narrative production. There is no focus to the narrative production side of things and we feel like we are being scammed of our money.

With 419 ending, we no longer have a class with a heavy focus on narrative, and now the School of Media Arts & Studies is keeping the School of Film from making a focused undergraduate program. This is unfair to us as students.

We want you to re-focus the narrative side of the Media Arts and Studies Curriculum and actually teach the classes that you say you offer, or that you have listed in the books. Create FOCUSED narrative courses such as Cinematography, Lighting for film, Editing for film, etc. If you already have those classes in your books, THEN TEACH THEM with qualified professors.


Work with the School of Film and create a film program that we can all benefit from.

If this doesn't happen, we can only encourage any aspiring filmmaker to NOT enroll in the Media Arts and Studies program, simply because it is a waste of time and money.