Stop giving children too much homework now!

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As everyday lots of assignments are given by the teachers, it is becoming very difficult for us to finish them. We really can't bare this much of loads. Because of it we are not getting extra time for our own study and activities in our home. The things which are already there in our textbooks, the teachers ask us to write it down again in our notebooks. According to us and our parents, its called handwriting practice. In one day they will give lots of homework and will order us to show it by the next day. We think that a person should have practical experience more than theory part. If we will not show them by the next day, sometimes they will give us punishments. Because of them, it became an usual routine to sleep at night 2:00 clock and wake up in the morning at 6:00 clock. Hence, we will be always exhausted and feel stressed everyday.

And another humble request from all of us, is to provide lockers in the school as soon as possible, so that the children should not face backpain because of carrying so much of loads everyday.