Varsity College must decrease their school fees by 35% because of the COVID 19 pandemic

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With COVlDl 9 affecting our method of receiving lessons and fulltime students method of attaining their education, I would like to enquire on if the IIE and Varsity College has reconsidered their fee plan for the 2020 academic year especially since we will not be attending face-to-face classes until around 31August (which is a 3 to 4 month period)

Fee payers pay/paid for fuII-on contact classes where lecturers and students are face-to-face in a certain location. With that being said, the online lessons has taken away that privilege and has the institution made amendments for that? It is understandable that lecturers need to recieve their salary, rates and taxes for buildings need to be paid, campus security needs to be paid and the building.

Would things such as the relief programme from banks take charge; students not being on campus make a difference on electricity and water costs;  Would this not lower expenses and further mean fees can be lowered to accommodate this whole pandemic and the fact that online learning has become more similar to distance learning? Where distance learners pay +/-R13 000 and fuII-contact students pay +/R77 000for the year? 

Will the institution further make amendments to the contract between themselves and the fee payer for such occurrences and incidents in the future inclusive of other similar events?