MAKE SCHOOLS SAFER! We want Proactive safety measures taken in Lee County Schools

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Preventive and Proactive safety measures taken for ALL LEE COUNTY SCHOOLS.

We are demanding YOU take action and make immediate changes to protect the Lee County School District Students and Staff. We believe our students and your staff deserve the same safety YOU and YOUR SCHOOL BOARD are provided and that of a Government Building.  

While we understand the safety director is in the process of evaluating each school and making new plans we believe the following changes are a must:

Limited entrances and exists to schools

Locked exterior doors

Interior Doors that swing in and lock from the inside

Buzzer entrances 

Fenced campus 


Cops on campus (kind of a given)

Active Shooter TRAINING (not Drills) for Students and Staff

Relief of the safety burden off Administrators, they are educators not detectives! They should not be responsible for safety plans or procedures. Let them educate. 

Alarm System 

Some of these things are relatively cheap and some are relatively expensive but these changes will help insure that you are taking the needed preventive steps to maximize protection.

We're not asking for an Iron Clad Safety guarantee, just these things. We're not pretending to be safety experts, just pissed off parents tired of watching kids get killed in schools and disgusted that you haven't make changes.