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Incorporate Computer Sciences into School Curriculum


Only 5% of all American schools teach computer sciences or programming at their school. We live in a generation where technology is at the forefront and there aren't enough people, qualified, to fill these positions. By bringing an awareness to CS, we can get students enthusiastic about a possible career in software, programming, or computers in general, but only if enough people can show enough drive to make this happen. Not only is this beneficial to their future careers, it has been shown through multiple reputable studies that Computer Science education does infact help students improve math and science capacity and test scores. As outlined here, computer sciences and mathematics are coexistent in education. By helping to get students involved in Computer Sciences, their understanding of math and sciences can help them overachieve above what they originally imagined. 

Letter to
School Districts
First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for signing our petition. Your contribution will be able to help future students and individuals achieve goals and occupations above what they originally dreamed.
Me being a 2013 HOBY alumni, I realized I needed to help somehow a bigger causes or something small in my community. My 'forte' being computers and programming, I was highly disappointed at the statistics of schools that teach any programming or computer sciences. I look forward 2-5 years and see so many potentional jobs and occupations, with no one to fill them. By bringing awareness, and signing this petition, I and on behalf of all eager programmers and computer education activists, would like to help encouraging school boards and school districts in all places I can reach, to incorporate computer sciences or programming into school curriculums and prepare students for the next-generation of jobs and life style.
In regards to education and mathematics, computer technology and education can be in the guidelines and in line with the National Common Core Standards as a benefit to their futures and make them ready for life in future careers. By helping get these classes into schools, student mathematics capabilities can be overachieved and show exemplary improvements in test scores and overall student success
Once again, I thank you for your contribution to this monumental task and hopefully we CAN make a change to our future. Thank you!

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