Open PRE-K Counts slots in Abington and Cheltenham Pennsylvania School District.

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Early learning and early childhood education are beneficial to children 3 to 5 years old. Study upon study shows positive results of a good high-quality preschool program that prepares children for kindergarten and academic success. These children are more likely to stay in school, graduate college and make more money after graduating. 
Early Childhood Education demonstrates a significant return on investment over a child's lifetime. 
However, there is an important caveat in these findings. Only good, high-quality programs are associated with positive outcomes. While low-quality programs are associated with negative outcomes. 
There are numerous programs in the Montgomery County PA that benefits children at risk, facing poverty, homelessness, children in foster care and others. There are numerous great high-quality preschool programs that are too expensive for a middle-class family to be able to afford. 
I believe that EVERY child regardless of color, race and family income should be able to afford a high-quality preschool program.
Most families in our community will not qualify for programs like Head Start and Subsidized Child Care. Most families are also not able to afford the cost of Preschool tuition for a single or two children. 
The Pennsylvania Department of Education and Human Services understand this. They created a program called PRE-K Counts. It is a FREE high-quality preschool program for families that incomes vary from 100% to 300% over the poverty guidelines and this all sounds great, except that we, citizens of Abington and Cheltenham Township, DO NOT have such program in our School District. So what do we do? If you work full time and your spouse work too and you have no family around to watch your kids, what do you do?
If you make too much money to qualify for Head Start or CCIS, but cannot afford for childcare, what do you do?
If you are a Stay at Home Mom, because your family cannot afford for you to take on a job, because the cost of childcare is more than what you would make. What do you do?
If you would qualify for CCIS (subsidized childcare) and if you accept a job offer, but you cannot afford to pay for childcare until you can get approved by CCIS, which can take up to 6 months, what do you do?

I decided to create this group, for parents who are in a situation like mine. Working, middle-class family, with two children under 5, working crazy hours and struggling to find high-quality early childhood programs for families like ours, falling in the limbo.

Please consider signing our petition to be heard by our State Representatives, Community Representatives, and School Districts.