Postpone the graduation ceremony for the grad class of 2020

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With the current climate surrounding the Covid-19 Pandemic or the Coronavirus Pandemic as some call it, it came to no one's surprise that the classes for the foreseeable future have been cancelled. However there was still hope that the Graduation Ceremony for the class of 2020 would be upheld, but those desires came to a halt when it was announced that it would be cancelled

Whilst truly heartbreaking, it was to anyone coherent person's understanding that it would merely be placed at another date when the Pandemic was fading or eliminated.

Little did anyone know that the grad committee would have the audacity and true lack of human emotion to suggest to have a graduation ceremony virtually. Not only is this an affront to the tireless effort of the grad class of 2020 to reach their zenith of their adolescent years, but this is also truly insulting to the hundreds of youth that have been planning for that day for months or even years.

For the Graduation Committee to even suggest this as an option is atrocious enough, but to follow through with that decision is downright degrading, to relinquish, what should have been one of best days of our lives, to a mere window on someone's screen. So I ask, speaking for not just myself, but for the hundreds and thousands of graduating students this year, please District 61, and any other BC school districts, do not make what should have been one of the best days of our lives into a laughable Video Call, not unlike the online lessons we have had to endure. I do not ask for an immediate graduation ceremony, but merely asking for the ceremony to be postponed to a time where it is safe for us all to meet in large groups.

Do not make the mistake of making our big day into yet another forgettable online session, creating a lasting depression for those longing for what could have been. Make the right choice, postpone the graduation ceremony.