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Our children are the most important thing, not only to us parents, but society as a whole. They are the future, and caring for their well being and education is first and foremost.

School District 35 has shown they DO NOT care about our children. They are trying to force our community to ship our children further east to Aldergrove Secondary School, showing again, that the school district thinks of us as the black sheep of Langley. They have not given any reasoning for this proposed change, but we the community are going to give them the reasons why this is an abhorrent, frivolous concept, that we will fight at every turn. They have tried to silence the community by not allowing us to speak our opinion in the information sessions, so have left us the only option of speaking publicly.

The Poppy catchment is already by far the largest catchment in Langley. By removing it as a high school, they are doubling the catchment to Aldergrove, and forcing some of our children to spend at least an hour commuting everyday, therefor wasting at least 5 hours of children’s already busy week commuting to and from school. This is unacceptable. With working parents, gas prices, and bus schedules, this is not only going to cost families much more money, but more time, that we can not spare. If the school district thinks that the families on the western end of the catchment are going to accept this and drive their children half an hour away to essentially another city to attend school they are dreaming. There is a perfectly good high school, Langley Secondary, right there for us, and we will put our children there, which will push LSS way way over capacity. It’s not unheard of for people to manipulate the system to get their children in another catchment, and this will only cause more, much more, of this behavior. LSS will burst at the seams, next will be Brookswood. This effects everyone, not just the Poppy catchment.

Population control, and city planning has been a stain on Langley for years. Schools are built before populations are correctly accounted for, and before schools even open they are over capacity and full of portables. We are BLESSED to not have portables in this area of Langley. The school board has not hidden the fact that one of the options is to have Poppy be a Middle School/Secondary School, which will force our children into portables. This is unacceptable. With townhouses and apartment complexes popping up on every corner, the school district is ignoring the over population of other areas of Langley and assuming it won’t happen here. It will. This we can promise. Before long we will see the over population of a Middle School and Aldergrove Secondary that we see in Willoughby and Yorkson. There is nothing wrong with a school being under populated. This allows our children to soak up all available resources at their schools, with smaller class sizes and greater focus on individual growth and mentoring. By implementing this proposal the school district is again saying they do not care about our children’s education.

To summarize, School District 35 wants to over populate our schools, build portables, force children out of catchment, remove access to current resources, and take money out of our pockets.

There is a reason the ministry will not fund any of this. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We are the envy of the rest of Langley. No portables, acceptable class sizes, and no overcrowding. Our teachers and resources are the best in BC and the district wants to strip this from our families, turning us from the envy of Langley to  the embarrassment. We will have our voices heard, and we will fight this every step of the way.