Allow parents to watch their children walk across the stage at their 2020 Grad Ceremony

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My name is Laura McAvoy and I am a grade 12 student in Langley, British Columbia who is looking for some support for my fellow grads of School District 35. During these confusing and tough circumstances we have all lost many things we were looking forward to. The Grads of 2020 definitely haven't had the ending they thought they would be getting, so as a grad myself I want to try and ensure we have the best graduation experience we can get. 

Due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, my school has created an online graduation ceremony for the grads where they will create a video of the ceremony to be released to families a few weeks after the ceremony. Unfortunately this means no parents are permitted to watch the milestone happen. I believe all grads should have the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments through the 13 years of schooling, but how do we celebrate without our loved ones there to cheer us on? Our parents have supported us through every step of the way in our schooling journey, and they should have the opportunity to celebrate their children's accomplishments with them as they walk across that stage.

While a video will allow us all to send the ceremony to all of our loved ones, I believe that our parents should be allowed to witness the ceremony live with their children and celebrate in the moment. There are safe, secure ways we can make this happen that follow all safety guidelines.There have been many schools doing drive thru graduations that ensure people stay distanced, or safe social-distanced ceremonies where in small groups the student can receive their diploma with their parents at their side. These are proven safe options that have been done by local schools such as Port Coquitlam, non local schools in Virginia and many more areas are catching on too. We would like to be one of those classes having a ceremony like these that allows us to celebrate in the moment. So student, parent, teacher, anybody! Please show your support and help these Grads have a safe ceremony that can be celebrated with their parents by their sides!