Allowing Students in SD33 to Bring Others Outside of the District to Prom

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It is with much thought and respect towards rules regarding eligible prom dates that I would like to make a case for revision to the School Board of Chilliwack to allow graduates to bring the guest of our choice. Many of us students that are graduating have girlfriends/boyfriends that have graduated last year and with the current rules in place, we are restricted to only bringing others in grades 10-12, and that are within our school district.

To ensure safety, all guests outside of our district, or 19 and under, could complete a criminal record check, as well as filling out a guest form that will be reviewed by administration. In previous years where our current rule wasn’t in place, guests were required to pay a $200 refundable cash deposit prior to purchasing their ticket. This money would be given back to them as long as they don't participate in any wrongful act. The district should make a criteria for prom that incorporates safety while being considerate of attendees desires. Prom is a significant event to all and to limit our opportunities is unfair as this marks the point where we will be entering adulthood.

We’re asking for permission to be allowed to bring a prom guest 19 and under, and not be restricted to Chilliwack residents.

Please sign and share this petition to give graduates their night to remember.