Children should be priority in the care of our public schools but too often they are not.

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Over and over I'm appalled at the behavior of our school district and public schools.  When did it ever become OK for our public schools to become the bullies themselves? Our children suffer at the very hands that should be educators, mentors and a safe place. 

My story:

My two youngest children aged 7 and 8 have attended 3 schools in just 2 years! Last year they attended 2 different schools that year. We moved to a new boundary where they attended Greneacres elementary immediately my daughter was bullied by her peers. I recall and so does she very vividly a girl (my daughter was in 2nd grade) had intentionally opened my daughters stall and went to other classmates making fun of her at what she saw. We took every step in making complaints that this was ongoing. After all the complaints we started to get treated differently by the principal, therefore, we transferred schools to Tendoy; in hopes to a freshstart mid year. As you can guess that didn't happen. Again, my daughter was picked on still in the second grade. She was repeatedly bullied by another student it went as far as the other student kicked my daughter purposely in the crotch area so hard it left bruising. I had to take her to her doctors that day and her pee burned for days because of it. Again we repeatedly demanded something be done. Nope instead the vice principal tried to get me trespassed they even went as far as sending cops to my house because of my social media post. As hard as it was we finished that year out. It was the most miserable year for my children at there public school. This year they attended Indian hills elementary. My daughter had built up this wall towards the one people that should have kept her safe. Day one of school the problems started!! New school new rules right... .well my children did not know they couldn't walk through the hall to get breakfast for school. So they were disciplined my daughter called crying that she didn't get to eat breakfast because they had to sit on the wall. I was furious I went there and pulled them out of class and they fed my children breakfast. The whole school year I was getting calls my children weren't going in fast enough when it was time to come in. They were expected to run including on the black top. I would get calls that my daughter wouldn't look the aids in the eyes when talked to. I was getting calls my daughter was snotty. These are all from the principal Mrs. Pixton. The aid that was on duty for my daughter had one time grabbed her hard by the arm and told her she was a brat,  gave her a shove causing my daughter to almost lose her balance then throwing her coat where another student picked it up. I was denied to see the camera footage. 2 weeks ago I get a call so I agreed to go to every lunch recess for the remainder of the year which I was doing.I was pulled in when leaving by Mrs. Pixton and asked (not her first time asking) why we were at her school if we were so dissatisfied at there school. My response was because my children are entitled to an education regardless of anyone feelings. Not once in these two years was anything done or taken seriously. At that time I decided to pull my kids and we are now homeschooling. The happiness in there faces to not ever have to step a foot in school district 25 is satisfying.

WE NEED CHANGE IN OUR SCHOOLS.  Not only do our children have to face bullies of there peers but also bullied by the ones who should be there protectors! I'm not the only parent who has complained and complained and demanded a better environment for our youth so they can receive the best education possible. They shouldn't be subjected to all this extra stuff. The most important thing is their EDUCATION. This is only a portion of the things we have been through with the schools. PLEASE community stand with me and demand that we are taken serious and that we need serious change. WE ARE OUR CHILDRENS VOICE WHEN THEY ARE NOT HEARD. LETS BE HEARD. DONT BE AFRAID TO TELL YOUR STORY! 


Our food services need reconsidered! The staff of our schools are undertrained and underqualified. Our district directors need to be put under investigation and the board needs to reconsider its employees that care for our children and and their education because our youth is the future.Enforce zero tolency rules they put in place. Take necessary actions when there is a concern and stop putting concerns on the back burner.  We care and so should they!