Regent Street Dee Why Pedestrian Crossing

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The Dee Why Public School P&C and local residents are concerned about the safety of our children crossing the road at Regent Street Dee Why.

Council has proposed a temporary unmanned school hours pedestrian crossing on Regent Street. We do not believe that this offers a safe solution for our children, and believe that it may actually put them at greater risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. 

The proposed crossing will be of similar style to the Holborn Street crossing - not marked on the road with zebra lines, but indicated by red flags put out before and after school.

Instead we are petitioning to have the Roads and Maritime Service install a pedestrian crossing light at the intersection of Regent Street and Fisher Road Dee Why.

There are already pedestrian lights installed on Fisher Road either side of Regent Street, however there is no pedestrian light for the Regent Street crossing.

The proposed unmanned school hours pedestrian crossing impacts the existing parent drop off and pick up zones, the school bus and public bus stops, as well being located between two unit-block driveways where residents reverse out from off-street parking.  We feel that this is not a safe option for our children. 

Please sign our petition to support the installation of a pedestrian traffic light at the Regent Street/Fisher Road intersection so that it can provide a permanent service for the whole community and to keep our children safe on their way to and from school.