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SC must conduct Fair and Open process to hire an Interim and Permanent Superintendent.

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To The Chair of Acton Boxborough Regional School Committee and other School Committee Members:

We are writing to remind you of your obligation to conduct a fair, robust, open and clean process to hire an interim and a permanent superintendent for our schools. At this juncture, we are rightly concerned that an insider candidate is being groomed to take this position. We've learned through attending the most recent meeting that well respected community members are encouraging that this person be hired immediately without a search. While this internal candidate should be free to apply for the position, this does not negate the imperative to conduct a robust search for superintendent.

When your committee asked for community input regarding the process it was gladly offered. However, even though the community input was discussed, but the committee never voted on any rules of a clean hiring process, which are the primary and most important request made to the committee. At the June 22nd, 2017 committee meeting it was made clear that the committee would not be bound by community input and would not, or, limit themselves to the rules of a clean hiring process by voting to prevent an interim from applying for the permanent position.

As a result, we watch with growing alarm, seeing evidence that our school committee does not represent us or the best interests of our town. We fear that they have too much vested interest in encouraging a friend's professional goals and cannot see clearly their own conflicts. We deserve not just a vague assurance of a robust search process for a new superintendent of schools, but, the committee's vote on rules of conduct during the search.

 To protect the integrity of the hiring process we insist that the committee scrub this process clean and avoid all appearances of impropriety. We also suggest that you consult with human resource professionals to do so, and, then, share these rules with the community for input and general approval. This is the only method to regain and keep the public trust, allowing everyone to move forward in faith and confidence, including that of your own minority committee members who deserve the same.  

 If this cannot be achieved then regrettably, we strongly advise that the School Committee chair immediately resign from her position as chair and the same applies for the members of the school committee; should you prove unable or unwilling to create a clean hiring process.

 Respectfully Yours,

Susri Anuradha

Steve Ballard

Elise Jacobson

(Parent and Community Members of Acton Boxborough in support of our schools)



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