Petition for the resignation of Jordan Evans

Petition for the resignation of Jordan Evans

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Dudley Charlton-United started this petition to School Commitee and

Parents, guardians, stakeholders and residents of Dudley/Charlton have sent in questioning emails, as well addressing in person the DCRSD School Committee at the last four school committee meetings (June 23, July 12, July 14, & August 25, 2021) on the violations regarding policies, procedures, and Code of Ethics that have continually taken place. There has been no formal response or action from the Chair Pauline Aucoin of this committee, and or any member of this committee. The following are the violations of Ms. Evans that are put forth, and demand action of resignation:

Violation of Oath - DCRSD recognizes and adheres to the Massachusetts Associations of School Committees Code of Ethics. The acceptance of a code of ethics implies the understanding of the basic organization of school committees under the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The oath of office of a school committee member binds the individual member to adherence to those state laws that apply to school committees, since school committees are agencies of the state.

Rule 1 - Community Responsibility: Did not represent the DCRSD District in a professional manner at the July 12 and August 25, 2021 meeting.

Rule 1 – Community Responsibility: Did not represent the DCRSD on the SHRHS school property (parking lot) on August 25, 2021

Rule 3 – Relationships to fellow committee members: The unprofessional verbal attack on a citizen after during a recess break on the August 25 meeting. Violation of Oath - A school committee member in his/her relations with the community should:

Rule 3 – Remember that he/she is one of a team and must abide by and carry out, all committee decision once they are made: Violation - Did not represent that she was one of a team, and that her behavior would impact the entire DCRSD School Committee on July 16, 2021 at the closing of the meeting, or on August 25, 2021, engaging in an unstable encounter with a citizen during the meeting, and then after the meeting had ended shouting in the SHRHS parking lot at residents while walking to her vehicle.

Rule 5 – Remember that he/she represents the entire community at all times: Violation - representing and focusing on a portion of the district – email dated June 16, in an email to the then formed Equity Committee. August 25,  SC meeting (during the recess) shouting and verbal misconduct in an unprofessional manner towards the parent of district child.

Rule 6 – Accept the office as a committee member as means of unselfish service with no intent to “play politics” in any sense of the word, or to benefit personally from his/her committee activities. Violation - June 16, 2021 email to former Equity Committee. Ms. Evans personal agenda and/or special interests and political agenda regarding the subject of Critical Race Theory which goes against the DCRSD administration that the district was NOT introducing Critical Race Theory, which has been stated by both Superintendent Lamarche and Assistant Superintendent Ackerman in public and on record. (July 12, 2021.)

Violation of Oath – MA Attorney General - Open Meeting Law: Prohibits a quorum deliberating outside of a properly posted public meeting matters within the jurisdiction of that body. Violations – Emails by Ms. Jordan Evans to include reply all with School Committee Members and any authors of emails. June 2021 – present.

We hope that Chairman Aucoin and the School Committee understand the severity of these violations by Ms. Jordan Evans.

 The pubic has questioned these violations of oath via emails and Citizens Forum at the School Committee meetings. We have requested that the Chairman of this School Committee and the body of the School Committee take proper action on these egregious violations. No action has taken place, and this committee has completely ignored their sworn duties to take said action. The public has lost all confidence and trust in Ms. Evans to serve the the district, and the children of this district.

We are demanding this Chairman and School Committee to rectify this situation by calling a Special Meeting and requiring the resignation of Ms. Jordan Evans from her position on this elected body. Let us all be proactive in this endeavor for the future generations of our towns, and our townspeople. We request that you please share this information.


Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Stakeholders, Citizens of
 Charlton/Dudley United

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