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School closing: Please Help Keep Our School Open!

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It affects the future of the students and the employment of faculty. The enrollment of the school has been brought into question with the argument from the Diosese of Memphis ultimately being that the school (Bishop Byrne High School) would benefit more from consolidation with another area school (Memphis Catholic) who statistically performs on a lower-level in terms of academic rigor; ministerial outreach, Christian identity, and general student-engagement. As a student of the school, I feel as if though my home is being broken-up without any notice or warning. My family has dedicated everything to Bishop Byrne. With a brother having graduated in the class of 2010 and my sister, in the class of 2012, the decision on the part of the Diocese of Memphis leaves me with no place to call my own; with no way to follow in my siblings footsteps. This is true not only of myself but of many of Bishop Byrne's other students, numbering near 180. I have attended Bishop Byrne since the seventh grade, planned on graduating as part of the class of 2015, but now I am uncertain as to my life's direction. In times like these, many may expect us to just sit and let this happen, to let the light which is Bishop Byrne burn out. However, we are to going to fight like true Red Knights. We know This decision to extinguish our light is not a decision "of God," even though it came from the Memphis Diocese. Jesus calls us to be lights to the world! Extinguishing our light is NOT in keeping with His call. At Bishop Byrne, our motto has always been, "Fiat Lux Veritatis," literally, "Let there be the light of Truth!" We are Christ's hands and feet to this world in need. PLEASE, help us speak. Help us fight to keep Bishop Byrne open that we may continue to lead and serve by the Light of Truth, Christ the Lord!

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