No School for Princeton, MN Kids The Day After Halloween, Nov. 1st

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Let’s be honest here. Nobody wants to go to school the day after halloween. People have halloween parties, kids are out late collecting candy, and then hanging out with their friends as well. Its an overall fun night, but having to go to school the next day just isn’t fun. 
Halloween this year is on a Thursday. If we took Friday off, we wouldn’t have hungover high school students (let’s face it, they’re going to be) or kids falling asleep in class. They wouldn’t be sneaking candy into class. So just make it a long weekend. 

In addition to the previous statement, students don’t learn as well without getting enough sleep. Why would you put that on them when some of them will only get around 3 hours the night of Halloween? Add on an extra day at the end of the year if you must. Make us come to school on a cold day. But this is important to us, think it over.

Sincerely, The students of Princeton Schools