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Let Prayer In our American Schools before school starts

When i was younger, we were allowed to take our Bibles to school. Our Country has lost it's culture. We are too busy tending to everyone's religious needs that we have forgotten about ours. OUR MONEY SAY, "In God We Trust". How can we trust God with our money, but not our children? I understand that we have many different religions in the USA, but we started as a Christian Country. There is not one other Country that changes their spiritual beliefs because they have other religions living their country. We are the only ones that make everything so free, that we forget about our own. I am sorry if people feel that God should not be in our schools because not everyone believes. That is their problem. WE ARE AMERICA!!!! WE SHOULDN'T CHANGE OUR SPIRITUAL VIEWS TO ACCOMMENDATE OTHER RELGIONS!

PLEASE allow our schools to pray in the morning's, were those that may pray with their children in the morning, there are many that do not and need the protection of God in their hearts. Our nation is dissolving and we all are sitting around watching this take place and OUR CHILDREN are paying for it. PLEASE PUT GOD IN OUR SCHOOLS!! Those that do not want their children praying is fine, but please so many families need real prayer and the second place is in our schools. GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!!!

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  • SCHOOL boards, Whoever can allow PRAYER in our schools!!!

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