Start school later

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I have waken up at 6 am for the last time. Every morning when I wake up, the sun isn’t even up yet. If the sun is asleep then I should be asleep especially considering the sun is a million years old and I’m only 16 years old, why does the sun get more sleep than me, a child. As a growing teen I need enough sleep to even get through the day, and understand what I am being taught in my education. How am I suppose to learn if I’m falling asleep on my desk because teachers have piled on homework that keeps me awake at the last hours of the night, then I’m suppose to get 8 hours of sleep combined with clubs and sports. Not only that but even with all of that I’m expected to have a social life. ??!?!!!? How are you preparing me for jobs? Every job is different and not all will require working at 4 or 5 in the morning. Maybe in your past you have waken up early and you think that forcing your past on us is correct, but if you weren’t happy with it why would we be happy with it? Being strict doesn’t fix things all the time, it is stressful. And if you think “oh life is all about stress that’s how just it goes” well actually that’s not how it goes. Life used to have nothing to do with careers, money, and jobs it was all about survival of the fittest and we didn’t like that so we changed it. So if a majority of people don’t like something, they change it. Saying, “oh that’s just how things are” is only an excuse to be lazy and not doing anything about it. Life isn’t a certain way, life is what you want it to be, what you make it. Life isn’t a system it’s a free land. We have built these systems and caused ourselves stress when in the end, it won’t matter because we’ll all die anyway. So, if we are forced to commit to these systems and allow children and teens to at least get a proper education by starting school at a later time. (10 am to 4 pm isn’t a bad time)

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