Security in the school such as but not limited to: Security guards and/or metal detectors.

Security in the school such as but not limited to: Security guards and/or metal detectors.

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Started by Gabrielle Parmelee

  The issue in Theodore Roosevelt High School stands out to the whole community. There has been numerous threats and now a stabbing in the boys second floor bathroom. If this doesn't raise enough concern to catch anyones eye to cause a change then what's stopping the faculty at Wyandotte Public Schools to take this stand. 

  We've seen in the news for the past couple years the amount of threats and actions taken by students to cause harm to colleagues. For example, the shooting that took place at Oxford High School on November 30, 2021. The event caused 4 dead students and 7 injured. Since this shooting there has been numerous threats and multiple schools that have shut down in Michigan since the event. 

 December 9, 2021, a senior at Roosevelt High School was stabbed in a boys bathroom during an altercation with another student who fled the scene at that time. Since so many statements have been made he was found shortly after the incident. Thank you WPD. � Not only should this raise an issue on how Wyandotte cares for the students safety but as to why it took so long to find the student after the incident.

  There are over 1,000 students in the high school. To put this in another view say the student didn't flee the scene but had adrenaline to do more. Not only would this 18-year-old be injured but many more students and staff could have been harmed today. Since graduating last year the only "security" we have patrolling our halls are lunch monitors, who would be incapable to stop another incident such as this. 

  I have a younger brother who attends this school and many friends who are underclassmen that attended school today during this incident. I care for their safety and I hope the school can feel the same if this reaches them. No student or staff should be worried to attend school when it's supposed to be a safe place. Many people think of school as somewhere to get away from home where there might be many violent actions that are taking place and going to school is the only place they can get away from it. Why would you want to take a child out of a violent situation to put them in another one once they walk through those doors? 

  Wyandotte listen to the students and others out. They need action, the students need safety, the staff needs safety, these kids deserve an education. They don't need to be taken out of school if they are sure the district can ensure their safety. We don't need anymore incidents, we need action. They need adults too look in their eyes, step in their shoes, and listen to their words. They're worried and scared you aren't doing enough. So what's gonna take? Another incident? We don't need that. PLEASE keep the students safe. No one will come to school if they don't feel safe sitting in their seats. Students won't learn if they're scared they will come to school and get hurt. 

Protect the kids. Save the education.



697 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!