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We need your help to convince the Central Unified School District Board of Trustees to reconsider their vote. 

At the June 26, 2012 meeting of the Central Unified School District School Board (Fresno, California), Superintendent Mike Berg informed the board that next year’s budget would NOT balance and they couldn’t pay for normal expenses without tax increases.  He then presented a proposal to significantly increase his pay as well as 4 other assistant superintendents, all of whom earn salaries well over $125,000.  

Despite the fact that they were just informed that they would be unable to balance the budget next year without a tax increase,  four (4) of the seven (7) School Board Trustees voted and approved the superintendent pay increases.

·                    Those pay increases - $118,000 - will be pulled out of the General Fund, the same fund used to provide classroom support and supplies for students.

·                    To pass previous budgets, school supply budgets were slashed and the schools have to ration ink, paper and other vital vital classroom supplies including science and art materials. 

·                    Classroom support has already been slashed, including vital reading intervention programs as well as the schedules of school nurses and vice-principals (now part-time or working at more than one school).

·                    Class sizes have gone from 20 to 35 students K-3 due to previous budget cuts.

·                    The District cannot afford support their student athletes by paying for their Valley Championship rings but somehow they can give substantial raises for already well-paid Superintendents.

There is still time for the four Trustees to reconsider their vote.  If the School Board Members request to reconsider their votes by the next board meeting – July 24, 2012 – then the raises can be put up to another vote. 

We’re asking for your help to convince the Trustees to reconsider their vote.  When you sign the petition, your response will be sent to each Trustee by email.  You can log in to sign using your Facebook account and we ask you to Share this on Facebook to encourage your friends to sign the petition and Share it with their friends as well.  Also, please make a note in the "Add A Reason" box as you sign the petition if you live in, work for or have other connections to the Central Unified School District.  

Thank you!

Letter to
School Board Trustee, Central Unified School District, Fresno, California Phil Rusconi
School Board Trustee, Central Unified School District, Fresno, California Judith Geringer
School Board Trustee, Central Unified School District, Fresno, California George Wilson
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School Board Trustee, Central Unified School District, Fresno, California Diana Milla
In this economy and in light of the cuts already experienced in many services and programs of the Central Unified School District, giving the Superintendents raises is inappropriate at this time.

How can you justify giving substantial raises to the top 5 employees of the District – all of whom already earn more than $125,000 per year plus generous benefits? Public records show they already earn more than those in Madera Unified and are on par with Clovis Unified, so the argument that they earn 20% less than neighboring districts of comparable size doesn’t hold up. Even more, how can you possibly consider authorizing raises for those individuals when, during the same meeting, Superintendent Berg advised you that the District would not be able to meet the current expense obligation unless additional tax revenue was received?

The District is already increasing class sizes, rationing and cutting back on basic supplies such as paper and toner, cutting hours or adding extra responsibilities for specialty instructors and eliminating or reducing other student and classroom services and programs. The District couldn’t even afford to buy championship rings for the softball team. Mr. Berg’s raise alone is enough to fund all the middle and high school science labs in the district. This is not the time to be handing out substantial raises to already well-paid Superintendents!

As a concerned citizen, I ask you to please notify the Board by July 24, 2012 that you would like to Reconsider Your Vote at the July 24, 2012 Board meeting. Then please vote NO when the matter comes back up for a vote.

Your prompt attention to this matter is absolutely vital to ensure that you properly represent the interests and intentions of your Constituents and Neighbors and to live up to your responsibility to the Students of the Central Unified School District.

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