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The reinstatement of a potentially unfairly terminated teacher

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A week ago today, a teacher at the John Lyon School in Harrow was unexpectedly withdrawn from curricular activity without any warning or explanation to his students. This teacher, who we will not name for the purpose of this petition, is a cheerful, open-hearted and astonishingly knowledgeable man who had only recently began teaching at the school.

 Soon after his atypical disappearance, it was brought up that this teacher had been sacked, without any hearing or announcement after allegedly having 'smacked a younger student with a textbook'. In spite of this rumour not having been officially confirmed, the reactions of other teachers when asked for the truthful story were enough to understand that there was a backbone to the gossip circulating amongst the older students. We pledge to convince the board into reconsidering this cryptic decision and reinstating this member of staff to his previous role.

Despite the little time we got to know him as his pupils, we appreciated him and his methods well enough to reckon that there was no way the facts were as straightforward as simply having smacked a child. Having been in his class for just over 3 months now, we understood, and got to terms with his optimistic and cheerful approach to teaching, which is why we simply cannot believe that he would hit a child in spite. As a group, we believe collectively that the sacking came down to a simple overreaction on behalf of the pupil (or his parents) or a misunderstanding between teacher and student, even though we are also open to proof that it occurred in the way we have been told. Should the first case reveal true however, we do not believe that it is just to damage an innocent man's career by adding a permanent stain to his record.

As a class who will be sitting through their iGCSE exams in this subject in less than 30 school days and have already seen two teachers replaced this year alone, we believe that it is our right to request openness and not be left in the dark about decisions that directly affect our lives and exams to such a great extent. Consequently, we ask as a bare minimum to be informed fully of the events that led to us losing a loved and well-respected teacher and as a group we offer our contribution to assess what happened exactly, and transparently discuss any evidence that may have surfaced and led to his dismissal. 


If this petition is successful in proving our teacher’s innocence, as a cohort we would ask the board to reconsider their decision and reinstate him back into his position, cleared of any permanent charges which may hinder his reputation.

 We hope you will support this petition and share our stand for justice and openness.

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