School Time Change

School Time Change

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Annie Shepherd started this petition to School Board and

We, the parents and students of the SAU 39 school district, respectfully ask that you reconsider the proposed time change for the 2021-2022 school year of 8:45-3:45 for the middle and high school students. Most parents and students would agree with the later start, but the dismissal time is entirely too late. We need to come up with a better plan. 

Lack of communication: This is not a new idea, however there has been minimal communication put forth by the SAU or school boards about this for next year.
*This change has an SAU wide impact, not just limited to Souhegan. 
*No planning or input by the elementary or middle schools has occurred, like they have done (minimally) with Souhegan.
*The last SAU survey sent out on Jan. 29th had only one question and failed to mention the actual dismissal time. There has no been updated data to gather input from students, parents, and staff (last survey was 3 years ago 2/2018). 

Educational impact:
*The proposed daily schedule put out by Souhegan greatly limits the academic time for students, including AP classes. Many AP classes are already finding themselves behind with the current length of class. 
*SHS students (specifically freshman) need to catch up on credits from the modified schedule this year.
*Students who will be dismissed for sports, jobs, etc. during “flex time” will also miss opportunities for extra help, enrichment and/or honors opportunities.
*What happens to middle school students being dismissed early for athletics/activities?

Other impacts:
*Any sports or extracurricular activities that middle and high school students participate in. Will these be held from 3:45-5? What about a late bus? 
*No lighted fields at AMS - what about practices and games outdoors when it's dark late fall/early spring?
*Activities in the community that students participate in will be impacted.
*Jobs for students 14 years or older (including 8th graders)?
*Elementary students who may rely on older middle or high school siblings to get them off the bus, or other childcare barriers.
*Students who live in Mont Vernon who have a 30-40 min. bus ride afterschool?

Mental health: 
*We understand the science of sleep. There is no doubt that sleep is a large factor in our mental health. However, there are many other factors that influence mental health and we need to consider the “whole child” and not just focus on their sleep. 
*The unintended consequences of a later release time may negatively influence their overall mental health. Less time for homework, family time, jobs, and after school activities will only raise the stress level for our students. Additionally, we also need to consider the nature of daylight which plays a large factor in our mental health. A fact we cannot ignore living in New England where it is cold and dark part of the school year.

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