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Reflection Day AND Year 10 camp has been taken away from us. There are a NUMBER of activities and programs that have been stripped from our year levels 1. ANZAC tops  2. Student sec 3. Reflection day 4.Bollywood Dancing 5. Year 10 Camp. OR how about how foundation day has now been turned into a nano walk. OR what about Naplan, who remembers that catastrophe? The list goes on and on and on. How come our year level, are the ones who are being punished with these unfair 'adjustments'. Year 9 used to be known as the golden year, everyone would talk about all the fun and interactive activities that help our year level become one big happy family, for a moment people would ignore the social situations of year 9 and just get involved. But INSTEAD as soon as we get to year 9, we aren't allowed any of the fun days and activities, how is this fair?