Parent choice to mask up

Parent choice to mask up

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School board of Chester County school district

Why this petition matters

Started by Michelle Ansley

Our Children’s education is being robbed by ridiculous policies regarding Covid 19 and mask mandate. Parents should have the choice on weather they want to send their kids to school all day wearing a mask. 

Wearing a mask can be distracting and hinder those students with speech delays and other learning disabilities. Wearing a mask may worsen asthma symptoms. 

we know our kid get mask breaks and some classes don’t even wear out and around the playground, understanding transmission of respiratory viruses the children are able to touch common surface and get close to one another outside on playground. We have to know as parents that the mask is not being used properly our younger children do not understand that they can’t touch their nose or not get to close during times when not wearing the mask.

also children are being encourage, as teachers and staff has phrased, to wear the mask. And when our children don’t listen and mask up they are being reprimanded by being clipped down colors or other forms of punishment. This isn’t fair.

we as parents have our on opinions and know our children the best and the choice should ours on weather we want our children to wear a mask all day at school while they are trying to get an education. 

42 have signed. Let’s get to 50!