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Broward County Public Schools just made the decision to reopen schools October 5th. This came from high demand of parents and students complaining about online learning. Teachers were not given the option to choose whether or not they felt comfortable with going back to school and are going to be forced to take medical leave if they do not comply. This medical leave reduces payment for teachers. But the school board did not consider families of multi-generational households, those that are immunodeficient or compromised, and those that just do not feel comfortable yet. This affects tens of thousands of families and the teachers had no say in the matter. Teachers should not be put at risk so that the parents can be satisfied, teachers should be allowed to volunteer to attend school and those who can’t, should still have to option to resume their jobs at the same salary with online learning. This plan could cater to parents of those who do not want to send their children to school because of the current climate with the coronavirus. Broward county still has a vast amount of cases and this decision may have been made too prematurely to please the parental pressure being put on the school board to reopen schools. With that being said, Broward County’s school board should allow teachers to teach digitally to satisfy their needs of safety and comfort. “Without teachers, life would have no class.” -Upjourney.