Tell your Baltimore legislators to vote NO on HB1373

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Our Baltimore City legislators are once again considering a bill that would authorize school police officers to carry loaded weapons in schools throughout the day.

Despite the unfortunate incident at Frederick Douglass High School on February 8, the overwhelming voices of the Baltimore City public school community – families, students, and teachers – have made it clear that the presence of guns in schools inhibits children’s ability to learn and do well in school.

Our children need a positive school climate of strong relationships in the classroom, in the halls, and in their communities.

There must be safe spaces for our children to learn and prepare for success. We must work together and direct our attention, energy, and resources toward creating the environment that will lead to safe schools, more learning, and better outcomes.

Please urge your state Senators and Delegates to say NO to authorizing school police to carry loaded guns inside schools and reject House Bill 1373 once and for all.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your Baltimore legislators to vote NO on HB1373.