Lower the absurdly high property tax in Vernon Hills

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As students at Vernon Hills High School, we personally felt and have heard from others the disastrous effects of the unnecessarily high property taxes in Lake County and Vernon Hills. These property taxes are making it hard to attract new residents and businesses, while also driving people out of the area. A net 1.5 million residents have left Illinois since just 2000. Other counties in Illinois do not have property taxes nearly as high. In 2018, the average Lake County homeowner paid $9,186 in property taxes, a number that beats that of any other county in Illinois. As for the housing market, Lake County homes are decreasing in value because home-buyers do not want to pay the large property taxes for them. Since 2007, property taxes have increased by 2%, and the value of homes has decreased by 31%. The issue is complicated by the fact that property taxes are an important source of funding for public schools. However, we feel that the absurdly high property taxes should be lowered, or at least not raised any higher, to a degree which allows schools to have adequate funding while lessening the stress on the everyday citizens. This would, in turn, make the area more attractive for new residents and businesses and help retain current residents who want to leave stay, bettering the lives of everyone.