Keeping our ceremony in October and in our gym

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Our school, Howard S. Billings has recently posted that they changed our ceremony to A DAY BEFORE prom (June 5th). Not only that, but in the Agora. I personally don’t find this fair, and still think our ceremony should be held in October and in our gym just like every other year. Why does it have to change on our senior year? June 5th is a Friday, where our parents work, come home, eat supper and they’re tired. They set up this ceremony at 7pm, outside, not knowing how the weather is gonna be, etc. I have spoken to a lot of my peers, some of you guys, and they (you) all agree with me and they (we) are not happy about this change our school made. We want our last year here to be memorable and not think back and hate how they planned everything out for us.