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Petitioning Members of Bensalem Township School Board and 3 others

School Board and Administration of Bensalem Township School District: Please Save Bensalem Gifted Education in 6th grade and high school.

I oppose the school district's proposal to eliminate self-contained classes for sixth graders identified as gifted. Peer support is especially important in grades 6 and higher. 6th grade self-contained gifted classes have thrived in Bensalem. The program should not be disbanded.
In addition, I support expanding and oppose eliminating gifted class offerings at Bensalem High School. I am willing to pay higher school taxes to support gifted education in Bensalem, if that is truly what needs to be done.

Letter to
Members of Bensalem Township School Board
District Superintendent David Baugh
Assistant Superintendant Monica McHale-Small
and 1 other
Director, Special Education Brian Cohen
Please Save Gifted Education in Bensalem 6th grade and high school. The sixth grade program is successful and should not be disbanded. Gifted students need special educational stimulus and peer grouping, especially at sixth grade and higher. Educating GT students in self-contained classrooms with teachers of the gifted is the best way to meet the highly individualized needs of gifted students. The program is effective and efficient. I urge you to support gifted education in Bensalem and oppose cuts.

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