Petition to have a satellite clinic for every school building

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According to Racelis (2013), just around 2 percent of the private schools had clinics or medical personnel nearby. This is only for private schools. On the other hand, public schools are handled by the government. But both the public and the private schools are lead by the rules and regulations of the government. In line with this, for the requirement of Commission on Higher Education Section 27.2 in 2013, there should be sufficient medicinal services for health care. (Racelis, 2013).

As the student’s health and safety are valued in the school’s premise, every building of the school should have a satellite clinic. In a presentation made by Philippine College of Physicians, 20.7% of injuries happen in school premises and 78% of this is synonymous to falls (UCPB GEN, 2017). In having a satellite clinic nearby, the medical personnel available can immediately attend to the need of the student.


Petition by: Patricia Bacani and Emery Barcelon

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