Zero Tolerance Gun/Weapon/Ammo/Threats

Zero Tolerance Gun/Weapon/Ammo/Threats

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Started by Coleen Marturano

Zero tolerance for any threats made at/to a student or place of education. Zero tolerance for ammunition brought into school or on a child’s possession that attends school. Zero tolerance for weapons brought into school, campus or on possession for student. 

Redefine what zero tolerance means. Zero tolerance means unacceptable and punishment will ensue at school level and local law enforcement.

Zero tolerance also includes parents- they will serve punishment for allowing said action happen under their responsibility. Similar to truancy and neglect abuse charges.

Clear and direct communication involving those involved. Private information does not apply here when discussing the safety of our children at educational facilities (public or private). Parents and community deserve to know what the punishment is and course of action consistently before sending our children back into the institution.

It takes businesses, families, government, educational schools/institutions to work together to provide the safest and healthiest atmospheres for our children. If we all know all the facts we can work together for more beneficial outcomes. 

Start a juvenile detention program in/out patient model- for those adolescents that make poor choices. Parental ramifications for those that allow this type of neglect.



157 have signed. Let’s get to 200!