Keep The Current Skirt Uniform. No Skorts

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The sophomore class of 2020 girls are being forced to change their skirts to skorts for the upcoming year. Only the incoming freshman and our class have to change our uniform. The currently Junior and Freshman classes do not have to change theirs. We feel that it is unnecessary for us to completely change our skirt uniform when we have skirts that are perfectly functional. Furthermore, the company where we have to get our skirts from make us pay $60 for each skort. Many kids at this school are on scholarship and wouldn’t be able to afford to buy new skorts. Some families might be just able to afford the school, living from paycheck to paycheck, and implementing this new uniform could put them to the brink of bankruptcy.

The skirts we have fit everybody type. Everyone’s body is unique in their own way and the current skirts allow girls of everybody shape to feel comfortable and confident while still maintaining the dress code. In fact, on jeans days, many girls opt to wear a skirt and a sweat shirt rather than the jeans.

By having only the freshman and juniors wear the new skorts, it implies that only half the school is required to wear them. Being that only the girls will be wearing the skorts, that is a quarter of the school wearing the new uniform. It should not be enforced that only a quarter of the school wears these if the change are being made because some of the skirts happen to be too short which is prevalent in all grade levels. 

Administration has told us that they have issued warnings to girls with short skirts, with this being the reason why the skirts were changed, yet I have not once seen a girl being told to lengthen their skirt by any type of authority figure. However, in the middle school skirt length was persistently enforced. A suggestion for a fix to this could be the soda can rule. Taking a normal sized soda can, place it on the floor. Kneel next to it and the skirt should be at or below the can, which would basically be a little under 5 inches above the knee. 

Instead of requiring the current sophomores to change their skirts. A way to accommodate the current school-goers and a way to integrate the new skirt into the school is that we could stop selling the current skirts on Dennis uniforms, this way all freshman will be required to buy the skorts and if a student (in any grade) has to buy new uniforms, they will have to purchase a skort. During the year if administration notices that the skirts are getting too short, each girl gets two warnings, after two warnings an email is sent home to the parents explaining that their children have had warnings and they continue to disregard them and as a result they will have to purchase a skort.

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