Let Us Have the Spirit Week Pep Rally Inside!

Let Us Have the Spirit Week Pep Rally Inside!

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Started by ELHS Students

As of right now the ELHS pep rally is going to be outside on the soccer fields. However, if enough people sign this petition we might be able to convince them otherwise. The main reason why they moved it to outside is because of concerns about covid.

If you sign this petition you’re asking the school admin to have the pep rally in our school gym. You’re also saying that you would be willing to wear a mask if it means being able to have it indoors. For those who are not comfortable with crowds or not wanting to wear a mask they could potentially watch over Zoom. 

Many of us are well aware of the risks of having the rally indoors and what they might entail. We also face those risks everyday by going to school, with the optional choice of masks, eating in the lunchrooms, playing sports, or just walking in the halls. 

Please sign this petition if you’re tired of the inconsistency of covid precautions and just want to have a memorable spirit week and pep rally. Having it indoors would increase school spirit, be more organized, and give a sense of normalcy which we all need.

Make sure to share this with everyone so we can show the school admin how important this is to us.

-Sincerely the Students of Edward Little

160 have signed. Let’s get to 200!