Change the GPA requirement for scholarships for nursing students

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For many nursing students the scholarship GPA requirement is unfair. As you know the nursing school is on a 7 point grading scale making a B in nursing school a 85 and regular university classes are on a 10 point scale making a B an 80. To keep your academic scholarship you need a 3.0 cumulative and semester GPA. This is unfair because a nursing student and a regular student could make an 83 in a course and the nursing student would lose their scholarship and the regular student would be able to keep their scholarship. Also some nursing courses are weighed heavily (ex. NURS 2009 is a 7 hour class) meaning you can get a C in this course and an A in all the other courses and still lose your scholarship. I would seriously like this issue to be considered because many nursing students make decent grades and lose their academic scholarships which many of us rely on. 

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