Bring Back Schiff Melatonin Ultra

Bring Back Schiff Melatonin Ultra

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Dr. Theodore M. Way
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For those of us who came to know, love, and rely upon Schiff Melatonin Ultra (SMU), it shifted the paradigm.

After 17 years of chronic insomnia, I was sleeping through the night for the first time. I can honestly say that this supplement changed my life. And then, like everyone else, I discovered one day that, not only had it been discontinued, it had also been removed from all retail outlets, both brick-and-mortar retailers, and online sites as well.

I was devastated, and have been searching for a replacement ever since.

I cannot get a clear answer from Schiff, despite the fact that they receive "100s of calls" a day regarding SMU. For those of us who loved this supplement, and for those of us whose lives were made better by it, let's bring it back. 

If this was a business decision, then we can make our voices heard. At the wholesaler where I purchased the supplement, it was embarrassingly inexpensive. I would happily pay more for something that had such a profoundly positive effect on my life, and I suspect that you would agree. Let's have our voices heard!