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Scentsy $200.00 Policy Change March 2017

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Dear Scentsy Home Office and Management

You are making changes all the time that you don't realize are hurting a lot of your consultants that are not director and above.

Please go back to the $150.00 Party total for hosts to earn products, this was so much easier to get people to host a party than it is now that you raised the total to be $200.00 in sales in order for the host to earn any product for hosting a party.  I know if someone approached me and asked me to host a party and I found out that I had to have and find people who would be willing to spend $200.00 just so I can earn free products and shipping, I wouldn't do it you are throwing all the burden onto the host now as well as your consultants.  We can't count how many customers, even our own family, who have said they will not host a party or pay the prices that keep going up all the time and will just head for the first big box store they are in and purchase there warmers and waxes for far less money and better/longer lasting scent as well.  If this keeps going we are going to end up having to stop selling and we don't want that to happen at all but we can't hit all the new numbers and policies you are throwing at us right and left and yet no one under a director is ever asked for any input which is just wrong, we work just as hard if not harder than your directors and above to try and earn and sell the Scentsy product.  Very few of us ever have the sales or numbers to ever earn an incentive trip or even attend reunion now that it is always in the Midwest, we don't have that kind of money.

We got your email warning us (for once) ahead of time of the newest policy change and this is right off the workstation: Activity requirement to increase to 200 PRV starting March 1, 2017.
Effective March 1, 2017, the monthly activity requirement for all Consultants is increasing from 150 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) to 200 PRV.  This change reestablishes the historic connection between our activity requirement and the minimum PRV requirement for a party to qualify for Host Rewards. This alignment makes it simpler for you to train your new Consultants on what it takes to be considered active. So, what does this mean to you? This means that beginning in March, you’ll need to earn 200 PRV in a single month to be considered Active for that month. As a reminder, Consultants must be Active in at least one month during a rolling three-month period in order to avoid cancellation. So, Consultants who do not meet the current minimum requirement of 150 PRV in January or February will need at least 200 PRV in March to maintain their Scentsy accounts. Now, what does this mean for your sponsor? Well, another area where activity is meaningful is when it comes to the Active Frontline requirement in the compensation plan. Beginning in March 2017, Consultants must earn at least 200 PRV in a single month in order to be counted as an Active Frontline for their Sponsors for that month.  We are letting you know about this upcoming change now because we have committed to providing you with a 60-day notice of any change to your Scentsy Independent Consultant Agreement (Scentsy Standards). Here is how the new Scentsy Standard will read, effective March 2017:

Active:  An Account status achieved when you earn at least 200 points in PRV in one calendar month. Activity, or being active, in at least one month during any consecutive three-month period is a requirement for remaining Current.

Inactive:  An Account status resulting when 200 points in PRV is not achieved during a single month. Inactivity, or being Inactive for three consecutive months, results in an Account Cancellation.

If you have questions, check out the Activity Requirement FAQ on the Business References tab of your Workstation in January. 

Do any of you realize how hard you have just made your consults lives and there love of the scentsy product by saying that in order to be considered an ACTIVE consultant you HAVE to sell $200.00 every single month.  You have a very LARGE group of consultants selling this amazing product but you are also having them stop selling at a high rate in the last year because of all of the constant changes in policies such as the party total increase to $200.00 and now this if you don't sell $200.00 every single month you aren't considered an active consultant until you do within the 3 month rule of having to now sell $200.00 in one month in a 3 month period in order to even remain a consultant. 

Do any of you see a pattern here?   Consultants are quitting due to all these changes being made that they can't meet and you are all scrambling all over social media on the please come back campaign, what does that tell you, if  you are having to have people begging former consultants to come back and sell Scentsy again then your consultants are dropping like flies.

Not to mention the constant increase in the price of warmers between the Warmer of the Month (one month was around $75.00 and that was with the 10% off for the month), not to mention the holiday and harvest collection warmers.  You are going to price Scentsy Right out of business.  So many people want one of the diffusers and our oils but can not afford and will not pay $130 for one, we can't. 

You really need to take a step back in time to the full size warmers, midsize warmers, plug-ins, the charity warmer, which I'm sorry enough with the Breast Cancer charity warmer there are to many others out there that need your help, the campus collection, LAYERS and just add the men's collection into the layers, not a single person has show a single interest since Layers was retired.  The kids stuff is great but a small amount, nothing like we have now, put the buddies back in the catalog instead of this when one is sold out we will bring out another one, we have lost so many sales to this.  A Pet Warmer (the paws warmer was perfect) and a music warmer (the symphony sold so well), more of the old classic style warmers like the Scentsy Red/Green/Purple/Black, customers are looking at these warmers we have now and saying how ugly they are on top of how expensive they are, it isn't want they want.  They want what we had from 2009-2013 and so do we. 

The best change you ever made for all of us was having to sell at least $200.00 within a 6 month period to be active, it was more engaging to have people sign up and sell and stay with the company until you and we are sorry the directors and above started not making the kind of money they were used to making.  But for those of us trying to build a team and sell Scentsy was the best blessing because we could.

Please Don't make this change on March 1st or you really will see a huge decline in the number of consultants you have as well as customers. 


Your Scentsy Consultants (at least right now anyway)


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