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Zen Cart Review: Some Essential Facts On This Popular Open Source Software

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Merchants who are just starting their businesses on the web need to consider what software or platform to use if the wish to sell their goods online. They can choose from many options like eBay, Amazon.com, Rakuten and many other marketplaces. But if they have an idea of promoting their brand on their own site they can choose soft which allows to build an e-store and promote it on the Internet. Among such programs we can name Zen Cart, Shopping Cart Elite and more.

In our Zen Cart review we will give you some facts about this soft and other programs. Often merchants fail to do their research before choosing the appropriate kind of soft. They pretend they know all the ins and outs of online trade talking about technical details like real experts. We would like you to utilize this Zen Cart review like a guide, not like a technical overview. In this Zen Cart review we will clarify just a few facts on advantages and disadvantages of this soft giving you our unbiased opinion.

One of the basis of its popularity worth mentioning in this Zen Cart review is the fact that it is an open source soft. Zencommerce reviews give its brief history. It originated back in 2003. The developers based this soft on other popular program called OSCommerce. The staff that consisted of programmers from several different countries (US, Canada and UK) strived to amend the features of OSCommerce changing a couple of things. This “face-lift” tools. Some other included introduction of such functionality as management of newsletters, discounts and other useful things were introduced such as better management options for downloads. In this Zen Cart review we want to point out also at good incentives for clients and other opportunities that were presented (including gift certificates). We need to say in our Zen Cart review that one of the new tools has really smart-technology features. It alerts if the procedure of installation of this soft is not going right. It is very useful and solves some issues of installation (including file permissions).

Also our Zen Cart review wants to tell about some challenging parts of this soft that make it undoubtedly less appropriate for newbies in ecommerce who have no tech knowledge and cannot hire the staff to do the work for them. Many Zencommerce reviews say it is not the easiest program for smaller startups. One Zen Cart review we found on the web warns about a prolonged process of checking out that could be one of the challenges to use it for clients. Clearly the program will go through a round of upgrades to amend all the shortcomings. We want to state in this Zen Cart review that the new releases will fix the issues making the software more attractive for users.

Zencommerce reviews also talk about availability of very useful forums and other resources on the web dedicated to this soft. Customers can find recommendations solving the issues and find replies to their inquiries.

We want to show in our Zen Cart review that this solution is not for users who want to have a quick fix to their burning desire to set up an online presence. There are definitely better options for newbies and they will be better off with some hosted solutions like Shopify. On the contrary, if merchants are willing to apply some work in creating their online storefronts and attracting new clients to their sites, this software may do the trick. Our recommendations in this Zen Cart review will come to the following: browse the web and find more facts about various kinds of software and do a comparison. Also visit Zen Cart site and see if this soft is for you.

Here in this Zen Cart review we would like you to tell about some functions and processes of this program. Easy installation is one of them. The setup is very straightforward. In a few moments you can start entering your items. The thing of customization is more complex. Especially for the less tech-savvy individuals. So averagely it takes up slightly more time to customize the storefronts based on this soft.

Zencommerce reviews give info on customization options of this program. They point out that there are lots of themes/templates/plugins to choose from. It is possible to make changes to practically everything in the program’s code. So the knowledge of PHP will bring many benefits to merchants. Then they can make customizations on their own. However, forget about changing anything if you do not have these skills. We want to stress again in this Zen Cart review that this soft is great, but not appropriate for all users. It is good for either tech-savvy vendors or the companies that can hire staff to do the amendments.

Also in our Zen Cart review we can say that one of the challenges can be SEO. There are many plugins available that can do the trick. One thing is extremely useful in Zen Cart. It can put listings with Google Shopping in automatic mode. It can boost sales and does not take any of your time or efforts.

Let’s talk about costs associated with this soft. In our Zen Cart review we can say that it is free to utilize the program. Many add-ons are also free. However, merchants need to count in the cost of its operation. PHP developers usually charge substantial sums to work on the code. That needs to be taken into account when selecting this program.

The alternatives to this software are numerous. One of the best solutions is Shopping Cart Elite. You can get online at take a look at Ecommerce Spot website to compare many programs and see the ones that may fit your business demands. Among other competitors are Magento, TomatoCart and others.

To summarize our Zen Cart review we want to advise you to take a look at other e-stores using this soft, to talk with technical experts and read all resources available on the net to make an informed decision. Zen Cart is a valuable soft for many businesses. It boasts great reputation. And the reason is its high quality. However, if you are not familiar with PHP yourself and do not have any resources to hire extra help, you may be better off with some hosted options like Shopify. But for mid-sized firms with availability of the personnel skilled in programing this can be an ideal solution and the answer to many issues.

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