Equal Opportunities for SCCPSS ESOL Athletes

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We are writing to you for our children the ESOL students going to Groves High School. We have been very worry because our children cant play soccer and other sports if they don't live by the Groves area. We talked to the ESOL teacher and coach so many times and they say us the ask permission but it never permitted. We don't understand. Why you not want our children play sports with other children in Groves?

Coach and ESOL teacher say it because we live far from school and grades go to schools near our home. We don't say what school our students need. Ministry of education say what school our children can go ! We don't understand and we think it is very hard bad for our children very sad and families sad.

Our children don't have cars and we need to work all day, so they can't go to other schools to practice and to play. Many fathers don't have no car. Our children need to study and learn and they also need to play games together because these are they only friends. Sports is good for our kids to practice English after classes with coach and other kids. Our children need a place to feel home. They come from other countries and they have no friends. My family and other familys go from one country to other country to escape war, terrorism, religion killings and more. Many kids have fathers and mothers and brothers killed. We want live free in US and we want our kids to be free and happy and learn English.

If the children can't play sports with friends it the same discrimination we live in our country. It not justice other students play together but out students can't WHY?

PLEASE Madam listen to us very much. Our children look like invisible. Please help our children. Please we need you help now. PLEASE