SCCHS Phone and Device Policy

SCCHS Phone and Device Policy

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Why this petition matters

Started by P J

As of the second semester in 2022, SCCHS has implemented a strict policy where students aren’t supposed to keep their phones in class. 

This involves all students at SCCHS, including those who use their phone to help them learn, or those who have never had issues being on their phone in class. Creating this policy has punished students who didn’t deserve to be punished in the first place. This policy is harmful to those who are a major support person to friends or family members, to students who have medical conditions or mental illnesses, and to students who require their device to help them learn and aren’t using it inappropriately.

This policy shows students that they don’t have respect from teachers or staff, and treats students like children. Many students pay for their own phone, or at least a portion of it. There’s students who are legal adults being treated as if they’re children. Some parents are not happy with this rule either as it can halt the mental well-being or the learning of their child. 
A recent situation where a safety issue was involved was when the school caught on fire and a lot of students didn’t have access to their cellphones to contact their parents letting them know they’re okay, or if they had a ride home. 

SCCHS is still making teachers wipe down desks and computers after students leave the room however the phone sleeves never get cleaned. Seeing as COVID-19 is still an issue, it should be considered unsanitary to leave phones in the sleeve. If COVID-19 can be spread by having students touch the same item as another student previously touched, such as a desk or a computer, the phone sleeve should also be considered in the spreading of germs. 

A solution to this issue would be to allow students to keep their phones unless they’ve been caught using it inappropriately during class time. Have teachers hold the phones of students who don’t pay attention in class because of their phone until the end of class, and have students put their phones in the holder for tests or quizzes. 
High school students, especially in the older grades (grade 11-12) deserve to be treated like young adults as they’re entering the ages 14-18.

Gaining respect from teachers and staff will make students more respectful towards staff. Being treated like children will only make students act more childish because they’re lacking the respect a young adult deserves. 

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!