Save the Hill! Stop the Walls!

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I am asking the Scarsdale Board of Architectural Review (BAR) members, Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA), Scarsdale Mayor and Trustees to not approve of the complete and UNNECESSARY destruction of the hill at 4 Kingston Road, Scarsdale (on the corner of Brite Avenue) and the construction of 2 or 3 retaining walls spanning approximately 130’ so the developer can maximize the size of the yard and house to accommodate a 44 x 20 in-ground pool with “a complex of Patios, spa, BBQ, Bars and Gas Fire-pit surrounded by .65 acres of landscaped gardens and lush lawns”, as described in the multiple listing trying to sell the property for $3.795 million.  

This is all avoidable by simply moving the pool and leaving the hill alone.

1. The destruction of the hill and the construction of massive retaining walls with the removal of over 35 large, medium and small trees, and all foliage will create a permanent visual eyesore in the neighborhood, with the expanded nearly 8,000 square foot house and new pool on display from all sides. It does not fit in with the character of the entire neighborhood. Most properties with pools are located West of Post Road on 1+ acre parcels.

2.  The plan to place the pool and pool equipment on or down the hill as close to my property as permissible will create a 24 hour/day visual and noise disturbance at my property.

Again, this can all be avoided by moving the location of the pool 5-10’ and not disturbing the hill.

Action steps:

A. Please sign this petition against the destruction of the hill and construction of massive retaining walls.

B. Request that ALL Board of Architectural Review (BAR) members and Mayor and Trustees walk the property BEFORE the meeting in order to see the steepness of the property and that the site is not suitable for this project. There were NO pictures submitted by the developer.

C. Please consider attending the zoom meetings and speaking up against the destruction of the hill and construction of massive retaining walls during the proposed renovation of 4 Kingston Road.
The meeting to approve the project is the Zoom BAR meeting on 1/11/21, and the meeting to approve the pool (pending approval at the BAR meeting) at the Zoning Board of Appeals on 1/13/2021.

D.  Please forward this to everyone in Greenacres and Scarsdale for their support to stop the destruction of the hill.

Here are the links to see what the developer has submitted:


Zoning board of appeals: 

Please contact me with any questions.

Best regards, 
Mark Nadler, 171 Brite Avenue