Scarlet Park Complex Biometric Scanners #COVID19

Scarlet Park Complex Biometric Scanners #COVID19

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Concerned Resident started this petition to Scarlet Park BodyCoporate

19/03/2020 : 15:30:45

Dear Scarlet Park Residents.

With the current COVID19 situation the health guidelines insist on humans to have minimal contact with one another or surfaces to avoid the spreading of the virus. We currently have one scanning system by the gate that we all share therefore risking each other’s health’s conditions as we need to adhere to the requirements passed on by the government.

As a resident, I, therefore, feel if that one person who maybe infected or showing symptoms within the estate touches or uses the system that we all share we are likely at high risk of picking up the virus and this can easily spread around the complex. We all now know the virus is spread through touching the object or surface with the virus. We want to reduce this risk for the sake of our families and loved ones.

Being a concerned resident I raised this issue on Monday with the relevant authorities but I have not received positive feedback thus far. What I would like to find out from fellow residents is, if they are happy with the current situation of sharing the thumbprint security system at the entrance given the risk it may pose?

My conversation with one of the corporate members about this matter he raised the below concerns.

  • We are concerned about the security and traffic in the complex.
  • The landlords agreed on Tuesday each person is responsible for their own health.
  • You can dial yourself to go inside.
  • Security cleans the thumbprints regularly.

Proposals / Suggestions

  1. Disable the biometric system.
  2. Allow security to open and close gate using remote system till further notice.
  3. If possible place hand sanitizers by the pedestrian gate for entry and exit.

Residents can make additional propositions should they feel the need.

If you feel they need to take more strict measures please sign and share this with other residents online. Take precautions during this period and take good care of yourselves.

Concerned Resident.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!