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Turn the abandoned MR. Marvel's into a park

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Mr. Marvels theme park is a desolate, empty but somewhat charming location. The remnants of what once was a local theme park sit rusting away, vandalized and forgotten.

I have a proposal for the area. I think that it may be worthwhile to have the area converted into a park; where people can walk their dogs, friends can meet up and  people generally visit to have a good time.

My first thought is that the remaining structures- such as the loading station huts and chairlift pillars- should remain in place but be restored to a safe and stable condition. These structures give the area it's charm, they are a great photography location and a great place for filming. If they are restored to a safe condition, but remain superficially the same, this would give the park a definite attraction, making them act as centerpieces. If benches were placed within the loading huts, they would act a an ideal place for visitors to sit in shade from the sun or rain or to eat any food they have brought with them. The former engines could be lit up and look very interesting and steampunk at night. the chairlift pillars could act simply as decoration, they already do this job well lining the sea-front. By no means should any of these items or structures be taken down or removed, this would steal the originality and history from the area. Simply restoring them and introducing beneficial functions would make this area an ideal tourist attraction. These structures are in need of protection from fading away; and turning the area around them into a park could do just that.

The land itself surrounding these structures is in poor condition. Hazardous concrete roads crumbling slowly, shattered glass everywhere, man-made piles of dirt that are frankly an eyesore. I think that the concrete floors that are not supporting any structures can be removed. This along with the man-made dirt piles either being removed or smoothed out could make the area a much more enjoyable place for dogs and children to run around. If lawn was planted and large floral patches of beautiful flowers and trees were implemented, it would convert the area from a desolate waste to a beauty spot. The paths could be relaid or replaced with gravel paths, more trees could be planted and possible lighting could be put in place.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for local gardeners and builders, much like the secret garden and Peasholm Park. Designers and architects could produce the perfect layout for new introductions, while builders can go about restoring the old structures and the gardeners can design and produce the new floral zones. It is an opportunity that many would gladly take, talking from experience.

Overall; if the remaining structures were stabilized and made useful, and the land surrounding them was restored to a natural, beautiful and safe environment, Mr. Marvels could be turned from a wasted opportunity into a lovely local park for any and all to visit.

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