Reinstate public access to North Bay, Scarborough for the StaticRoyals Event.

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A cruise (namely Static Royals) has been organised in Scarborough on Sunday May 28, the Bank Holiday weekend, which would see hundreds, maybe thousands of modified cars descend on the town.

"The Scarborough News understands that in response the council last night agreed to close the road from 10am until 10pm in a bid to stop the car enthusiasts coming. It will mean the loss of 800 car parking spaces on one of the busiest weekends of the year. The Scarborough News has been told the closure will run from The Sands to the Luna Park roundabout." 

Scarborough Council should be made to submit a report on how and what evidence this judgement was made upon. Always the minority ruining it for the majority. 

Not only is this disrupting the event, but will have an impact on tourism, local businesses and public roads. As it lands on a Bank Holiday weekend, we cannot understand the logic behind closure from any perspective. If there's a genuine reason behind it, then why can't it be dealt with accordingly by cooperation with the Event Administrators, North Yorkshire Police and Scarborough Council?

Car enthusiasts and tourists are upset and angered at the decision made and would like Scarborough Council to revert the decision with full cooperation from all parties involved. 

Let's get this event back on the table!